Narsai David Review: Cherries

(KCBS) – An 8-row cherry is a lot bigger than a 12-row cherry. KCBS Food and Wine Editor Narsai David explains it’s been the tradition to count how many cherries were lined up in row in packing boxes. So an 8-row cherry is more than an inch in diameter.

The quality of cherries is really based on the ripeness, maturity, and flavor, not size. But when you get a great big one and pop it in your mouth the explosion you get makes it seem a lot better than the smaller ones.

There’s a small cherry stand in Santa Clara called C.J. Olson Cherries that’s been around for over a hundred years and these are the best cherries I’ve had this year. They offer several packages. The Sweetheart Pleasure Pack is a 1 lb box full of cherries for $19.99. The Sweetheart Perfect Pack includes a 1.75 lb box of individually selected cherries that are packed in neat rows for $35. And these are just amazing!

– Narsai David, KCBS Food and Wine Editor